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Ornamental Fencing Ornamental Fencing

Do you want to add security and style to your home? Stand out with a beautiful ornamental fence from Webster and Webster Inc. Our experts will work closely with you to achieve the right look for your property and there are many ways to put your own personal stamp on your new ornamental fence.


You can customize your fence with ornamental finials, specially designed or shaped fence rails and arches for gates and entryways.

Personalized Ornamental Fencing

Add security and beauty with a decorative fence

Add security and beauty to your property with an ornamental fence. These fences will look great while adding a layer of protection to your home and property.


Webster and Webster Inc. provides Ameristar fences, which are known for their beauty, durability and affordability. In business since 1908, you can always count on us for exceptional service at a competitive price.

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Decorate with ornamental fencing

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